About the artist

Yusuké Y. Offhause is a Franco-Japanese artist, living and working between GENEVA and Tokyo.

His work explores the notion of imperfection, yet thought of as the inverse of the common idea of default or failure. The word “imperfection” is often negatively connoted with terms such as: default, bad, waste, fault, vice. Offhause thinks that imperfection can be positively used as a source of creation and in playing an aesthetic role.

He is interested in the quality that is provoked by accident or the unintentional. He sees the potential in the reactivation of objects towards a usage for which they were not initially meant. For example, for his latest series, he was inspired by pre-existing forms, such as plastic bottles, containers for snacks, salads, etc. He transforms this type of banal form into a sort of fossil or archeological discovery, possibly from our future, permitting us to read or revisit them in another manner.

His works find themselves exploring the problematics of memory, archeology and anticipation. Offhause mainly works in the medium of sculpture and installation, with a strong attraction for ceramics and architecture. He also uses materials other than ceramic depending on his research, such as glass, plexiglass, metal, wax, bread, sugar ... In fact, the border between art and design remains unclear in his work.

His work has been presented in particular at the Swiss Design Awards 2018 and the Swiss Art Awards 2019.
He exhibited particularly at the Maréchalerie art center (Versailles) in 2018, at the FRAC Grand Large - Hauts de France (Dunkirk) and at the Parcours Céramique Carougeois (Carouge) in 2019, at the Smallville ​​(Neuchâtel) and at the Assens cultural center in 2020, at the Charmey museum, at the Imprimerie (Lausanne) and at the Cluster Crafts London in 2021 and more recently in 2022 at the Saint Sulpice Ceramic (Paris), at the Ariana Museum (Geneva) and at the mudac (Lausanne).

His several works are part of museum collections.
He was a resident of one of the studios of the city of Geneva between 2016 and 2019, following a competition, organized by the Contemporary Art Fund (FMAC).
He is the winner of the Leenaards Cultural Grant 2019

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